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Vance in InvestmentNews: Opening an IRA just for Alternative Investments

Vance Barse, wealth strategist at Manning Wealth Management, acknowledged the appeal of such a platform, but stressed the importance of due diligence and suitability.

"Some alternative investment strategies are quite sophisticated and may be too advanced for the common IRA investor to fully understand," he said. "From a planning standpoint, investors who allocate retirement assets to illiquid alternative investments should consider their required minimum distributions, because you will need to keep enough liquidity to satisfy the distribution requirements if the investors are getting close to 70.5 years old.”

"There's also some tax-advantaged potential of investing in alternatives in an IRA, but if you sell at a loss you can't use that for tax purposes because it's inside a qualified account," Mr. Barse added.

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Vance in InvestmentNews: Capital One Data Hack Puts Financial Advisers on High Alert

"The Capital One data breach serves as a great, yet painful, reminder that it's important for clients to ask financial, insurance, educational and other institutions what security measures they have in place to help prevent such violations," Mr. Barse said. "Given that the Capital One breach is front of mind, now is a great time for clients to inquire how their institutions will assist them in the unfortunate event that their confidential data is compromised. It's also a great time for advisers to educate clients on the information security and best practices their institutions have in place."

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Vance on A Warning to Seniors if the Fed Lowers Interest Rates

“Clients who are worried about stock market implosions may benefit from modifying their portfolio so that they don’t have more than the appropriate amount of exposure to equities,” said Vance Barse, a wealth strategist at Manning Wealth Management in San Diego.

He’s addressing this by having clients complete a semi-annual risk tolerance questionnaire.

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