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Vance in InvestmentNews: Hearsay Helping Advisers Add Instagram to Social Media Strategies

The company hopes technology can help advisers overcome compliance hurdles.

That’s the sub heading of the InvestmentNews article. An excerpt:

D. Vance Barse, a wealth strategist with Manning Wealth Management, said he doesn't use Instagram because he doesn't have software to help him archive content from the app. But something like Hearsay Social that solves the technology obstacle would make him reconsider the platform.

"In serving multi-generational families, I've observed that younger family members often aren't aware of the full range of financial planning strategies and services that are available, particularly for more complex fact patterns," Mr. Barse said in an email. "We've all seen the commercials: free trades = good & fees = bad, but there is so much more to the full planning picture, and Instagram could serve as a platform for savvy advisers to capture the massive next-gen audience."

While his typical clients aren't really Instagram users, Mr. Barse said advisers need to be thinking about the enormous wealth set to transfer from older clients to their children.

"To show value to the next gen, advisers may want to skate where the puck is going — pardon me, we're talking about Instagram, so I should have said '#skatewherethepuckisgoing,' — and that's toward #Insta," he said.

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