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Vance in InvestmentNews: Schwab moving to subscription fees could be watershed moment for advice industry

Vance Barse, a wealth strategist at Manning Wealth Management, agrees that advisers who charge full-service prices while only providing portfolio management could lose some accounts to the subscription fee model.

However, Mr. Barse is concerned that people with complex needs may be wooed by lower costs and end up being underserved.

"Are these CFPs working alongside the client's CPA and estate planning attorney?" Mr. Barse asked. "This news leaves me with more questions than answers, and I am inclined to open an account to evaluate first-hand how evolved these planners are and what the client experience is like."

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5 Common Financial Planning Myths

For nearly a decade, I served as an investment consultant to leading financial advisors around the country.  During that time, I learned a lot about financial advisors, the banking system, and the financial services industry. In the transition from consulting advisors to becoming a wealth strategist directly serving individuals and families, I’ve observed five common financial planning myths.  I’m here to provide insight that I believe will help you decide what kind of advisor you should work with. 

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